Tidbits after Texas

Ryan Newman was docked 25 points for having a right rear quarter panel too high after post race inspection. Penske was docked 25 owner points and Newman’s crew chief, Roy, McCauley, was fined $25,000 and put on probation until Deember 31. This dropped loss of points dropped Newman from 8th in points to 10th in points.

What’s happening over at Petty Enterprises? In my opinion, I think the sport has grown so much and it is leaving Petty behind. Can Petty Enterprises catch up with all the other teams and be competitive? I am sure of it, but it will take a few years to get back to their glory days. I am sure Kyle still has the competitive fire in him, but he is not the future of Petty and to be honest neither is Labonte. Petty needs to look towards the future with younger drivers to remain a competitive force in NASCAR. I think they need to be aggressive in attracting up and coming drivers to bring their team back to a level competitive they are used to. It sounds like they are headed in the right direction, however. I hope Petty does become competitive again. NASCAR isn’t NASCAR without Petty Enterprises.

Jeremy Mayfield is out of the #70 and look is back in the #70…Johnny Sauter. Funny how that all worked. Jeremy is now back looking for a job. Once again, this is a race fan’s opinion here, but sometimes you have to keep the dirty laundry at home. I am sure Jeremy thought what he was doing was the right thing to do, but sometimes you have to keep the company’s business just that…the company’s business.

Another DEI engine has problems…surprised? Not really.

What happened to #88? He put down a great qualifying run, but on race day it was up and down. But he is still in the top 12 though along with teammate Jimmie Johnson.

One more thing, I have to say I enjoy listening to Ray Evernham every Tuesday on Sirius Speedway. He has some insight into the spot that I enjoy listening about. Plus he is funny as all get out. If you have Sirius radio tune in to Sirius Speedway I believe it’s 2-6 in my time zone (Central). I only get to listen to a fraction of the show on the way home, but DAMN, it’s the funniest stuff out there. I swear there are days I barely make it home. I know the drivers around think I am losing it, but I don’t care.

Have a great day!

One thought on “Tidbits after Texas

  1. Isn’t it just amazing what NASCAR’s done this year? THE worst show that they’ve put on in years, and yet, here we are still with plenty to talk about. Ironic.

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