Stewart to leave JGR?

To all you Stewart fans out there don’t panic…as of yet. While driving home yesterday, I caught the tail end of this story on Sirius Speedway so I decided to check it further.

Of course as always I head on over to Jayski’s to find out more information regarding this news tidbit. I just wanted to check things out to see what other details are available. According to Sports Illustrated, Tony may be shopping for another team, more specifically Haas CNC, next year. According to the “sources” close to the situation, he would be given the opportunity to have some percentage of ownership with the team. However, Tony’s PR man Mike Arning was very, shall we say for argument sakes, avoiding the matter at hand. According to Arning, Tony is with JGR the rest of this year and next year. He has a contract with JGR through 2009. And plus JGR is interested in signing Tony beyond the 2009 season. JGR wants Tony to retire with them.

We all know that if a driver wants to be release from his contract with his current team it can happen.  I mean all you have to do is look Jamie McMurray and Kurt Busch.  So if Tony wanted out of his contract, say at the end of this year, it might could happen.  You never know what really goes on behind closed doors. I mean look at the Busch/Earnhardt deal from last year.  I think I recall at one time Rick Hendrick stated he was not interested in Earnhardt, but yet who is Earnhardt driving for this year? 

Would this be a good move for Tony?  I really don’t know.  If he were to move to Haas CNC, he would be given the opportunity to be partial car owner of Cup team.  He would return to driving a Chevy which has been the only manufacturer he has driven for until this year.  Tony’s open wheel sprint car teams drive GM products.  HMS does provide the motors to Haas CNC.  However, Haas CNC has not been tearing up the circuti these days.  The #66 is currently 28th in the driver and owner standings, while the #70 is outside the top 35.  The #70 has had a revolving door of drivers this season.  Jeremey Mayfield started out the season as the driver for the car, but was released on April 8.  Immediately Johnny Sauter was hired to drive the #70 at Phoenix.  Oh by the way, Sauter was the previous driver of the #70, but was let go and replaced by Mayfield .  It was announced yesterday that Max Papis will race the road races this season and Ken Schrader will drive it this weekend.

I think is going to one of those news items that has some meat to it.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “Stewart to leave JGR?

  1. I also read that he will stay with JGR through 2009 then retire, drive RCR’s fourth car next year, and work out a deal with John Menard for an IRL team, all this while managing Eldora, TSR and Smoke Motorsports. Must be silly season.

  2. AAACK JIM don’t say that…Tony’s too young to retire!!!

    By the way Trixie I resisted reading your article on the subject while writing mine…but then I had to run over here and read yours 🙂

  3. Actually this will be his third manufacturer…when he started in cup he drove for pontiac 🙂

    Coolness if he wins the cup…
    three different manufacturers, three different names (winston, nextel, sprint)

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