Where there is Smoke…I am there!

I have had about 24 hours to digest all of this about Tony. 

There was one point yesterday, I am like who cares who Tony drives next year or the year after that.  I will follow him whereever he goes…that it’s.  And yes, even if a spot opens up at the HMS and that is where he goes so be it.   And like Junior fans did this year, I will buy all new stuff and still cheer on my driver even if he is no longer with JGR and driving the #20 Home Depot Car,  because it comes down to the fact that Tony’s my driver period end of discussion.

We all know how things get started in NASCAR.  One little remark or comment by someone “close to the situation” can become much ado about nothing.  There is only one person who knows what Tony is planning to do and that is Tony. 

So this Tony fan is behind Tony on whatever path he chooses. 

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