Wow! What an ending to the Nationwide race today. It looked like it was going to be a classic Talladega last lap pass kind of race until a debris caution came out. It was Tony leading the pack with Dale Jr. right behind him. When the green flag was thrown, it was on. Dale Jr. pulled out and looked like he was going to take the lead. But in the race fan’s opinion, he went a little too soon. Of course I am a little biased because my boy was leading. But Tony wanted this win. He had not see victory lane at Talladega in either the Nationwide car or his Cup car. After all the talk across the world wide web with Smoke talk, it was Tony’s time to see the checkers at Dega. Oh yea…he won it from the pole!


And where does Tony start in tomorrow’s race? That would be 2nd. Way to go Front Row Joe!

Of course, Talladega is famous for the Big One and today was no different.  Kevin LePage was coming out of the pits and trying to merge with the racers on the track.  From what I understand from the merging rule, he came up onto the check too soon and the melee began.  The intial impact was very violent.  It was scary.  I saw the post crash race interview with Kevin Lepage.  Now, this is from my own viewpoint as a race fan and this my own personal opinion, so if you are a Kevin Lepage fan, I’m sorry.  This wreck was his fault.  From his interview, he seemed like he was not taking responsibility for the wreck.  Even the guys in the booth were saying he made a mistake.  I hope in tomorrow’s driver meeting, the NASCAR bosses explain the merging rule so a wreck like today doesn’t happen tomorrow.

And how ’bout David Stremme finishing 2nd behind Smoke.

Even though tomorrow is Postman’s birthday, we will be watching the race.  We are not having his party until later in the day and perhaps the race will be over so the non-NASCAR friends of course will be able to enjoy themselves.  But hey…a little NASCAR never hurt anyone.

2 thoughts on “Smokin’

  1. In the midst of all the controversy, Smoke pulls out his first ever win at Talladega. All I can say is that the more the media revolves around Stewart, the more the rest of the field better watch out. His best seasons have come at the height of his involvement in the public eye.

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