Saturday Racing

I didn’t get to catch much of the race on Saturday night.  I had to work during most of the day so by the time I got home it was about 5:30 then my brood needed to run to the grocery store to get the breakfast stuff for my Mother’s Day breakfast Sunday morning.

By the time we got home there was about 50-60 laps left.  All I know is that it was a good thing I was out shopping when #19 got into Smoke.  I am sure I would have been cursing at the television set despite the fact that I like the #19. 

Congratulations to Kyle Busch for his 3rd win this season on the Cup side. 

I have been surfing out there on all the NASCAR sites both in the media and those who are listed here in the Park.  There are different camps regarding Kyle Busch.  There are those who think he is a punk ass and should be taken out to the wood shed and those who think he is a great driver (yes, I have see positive posts about him).  I consider myself to be right in the middle.  I do think he needs to be taken out to the wood shed and have an attitude adjustment, but I really do like him as a driver.  This boy can drive.  I about fell out my chair last night while talking to my dad.  Let me preface here…die hard Earnhardt fan (more Senior than Junior), but a fan none the less. He actually agress with me on Busch.  He even mentioned how Rusty Wallace drove and behaved early on and now look at how we all view Rusty.  I think the same thing can be said for Smoke and yes, even Dale Sr.  I think he will come into his own as he continues on through his Cup career and yes, he might even pull it back during interviews, but hopefully not too much.  I kind of like his style.  That’s the reason I am a fan of Tony.  He says what he feels and pretty much does what he wants.  He’s a rebel. 

Speaking of Smoke…I am listening to him on Sirius radio right now.  He is a guest DJ on the Elvis channel tonight.  Plus he will be broadcasting live from Graceland as well during his own show tonight.  I wish I could listen to the show tonight, but have lots of laundry still to clean.  This just gives me one more reason to like Smoke–he and I are both huge Elvis fans.

Well, the boys get a weekend off from points racing this Saturday night, but the gloves I am sure will surely come off for that $1 MILLION DOLLARS.  I believe the Busch brothers took each other out last year.  It’s a million dollars people.  It’s every one for themselves!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Racing

  1. I didn’t curse ESad, because it really did look like two drivers trying to be where there was only room for one. Smoke and ESad have been friends at least since 1999, so I don’t see any hard feelings between them, at least none that would carry on past last Saturday night.
    I cursed DW, though, because he was mouthing off about what happened and he didn’t have a clue. There were a lot of cars on the inside, and Sadler’s was the only one that slid up.
    Sadler’s apology was magnaminous and classy. He deserves much credit for that.

  2. I look at Kyle more along the lines of how his older brother, Kurt, drove when he first entered Cup. Kurt eventually had a few run-ins with some … well, bigger dudes – namely Jimmy Spencer – and, eventually settled down. I wonder if the same will hold true for Kyle.

  3. I am hoping Kyle will settle down just a bit. There are times what he says and does overshadows his talent on the racetrack. And to be honest…that’s a shame.

    Rev–I would cuss at the television no matter who crashed into Tony. I even get mad when he crashes into other people. It’s more along the lines…SHIT…Tony is out of the race.

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