Victory Celebration…NASCAR Style

 As I mentioned over Bloggers FT Digest, this is one of my favorite times of the year I love being a NASCAR fan. I am, however, very excited about the Inaguaral Pennzoil Burnout Challenge. I think this will be an interesting event.

Driver’s will have to perform the following…

  • A full drag racing-style, tire-smoking burnout–it must be maintained from the “Start Box” to a designated transitionpoint.
  • At this transition point, the driver will then throw the car into a 360-dgree spin (aka donut) without crossing onto the apron fo the frontstretch or they will receive a penalty (boo)
  • Then the driver must maneuver out of the donut and spring into a “Victory Lane” marked on either side with traffic cones and into the “Finish box” stopping the clock.
  • Winner with the fastest time after penalties (if any) are accessed.

And here are the Burnout Competitors for the 2008 Inagural Challenge
1. Jimmie Johnson–no stranger to Victory celebrations, and I even have to admit, he has had some pretty good burnouts

2. Greg Biffle–has been able to celebrate much lately, but worth watching.

3. Clint Bowyer–he should be fresh and ready to go coming off a victory a couple of weeks ago at Richmond

4. Kyle Busch–he too should be fresh and ready for this competition

And finally, my personal favorite in the contest is…

5. Kevin Harvick–this boy can do a burnout like no other…he is famous for his burnout after following his 2003 victory at Indianapolis where he left his tires and his car’s back end in shreds.  This clip isn’t all the long, but you definitely can tell, this was a good from the Happy Harvick. 

Plus I can’t wait to see Kevin’s burnout.  He says he will aim purposely to inflict damage, going for sytle points…”Just blow the tires out.”…that’s what I’m going forJust pop the tires.” And when asked how he will get to Victory Lane? “We can walk.”    Now that’s a man with a plan! 

I guess they were afraid to ask Smoke because he would have wanted to climb the fence.  Also why not Carl Edwards?  I mean come on now…he does have a back flip in his aresenal.  And who could forget the ever popular Snow Angel by Kurt Busch.  Jeff Gordon was invited to participate, but declined the invitation.  I guess he would lose points for trying to avoid beer cans (he he).

You can read more about the Challenge on


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