NASCAR Day 2008


This is the fifth anniversary of NASCAR Day.  The first NASCAR day was held in 2004.  This day is celebrated the Friday before the All-Star race.  So what is NASCAR day?  This is the one-day celebration of NASCAR spirit and the fans.  Of course for me every day is NASCAR day, but today is extra special.  It’s kind of like Mother’s Day.  We give an “extra salute” to our mom’s on that and the same can be said for NASCAR day.  Fans and businesses can participate on many different levels with NASCAR day.  The easiest way is purchase a NASCAR Day pin for $5.00.  That’s it.  How easy is that?  I am proudly wearing my pin as well as my brand new Tony Stewart shirt I received in the mail yesterday. 

NASCAR Day is also about giving back to the NASCAR Foundation and/or chartiable foundations of your

favorite drivers.  NASCAR Day supports the NASCAR Foundation which was established in 2006.  The NASCAR Foundation was created to bring together a number of charitable orgnaizations and initiatives within the NASCAR Family.  Since the first NASCAR Day in 2004, NASCAR day has raied almost $5 million for charitable initiatives for the NASCAR family. 

According to The NASCAR Foundation you can make a donation to The NASCAR Foundation or one of your favorite driver’s foundations during the 2008 NASCAR Day Telethon.  You can either call, text, or donate via their website.  You can also participate in the on-line auction to bid on some really cool NASCAR items.  It really doesn’t matter how you can give, just give.

In case you missed it last night…I did sit down last night and watch the Pit Crew Challenge of Speed TV. I know to most people it would have seemed boring, but it really wasn’t. It was nice to several of the drivers there to support the pit crews last night. I did find myself rooting for Brian Vickers pit crew. I guess becuase they are the underdogs of the competition. They were having some of the best times at the challenge and it was fairly obvious they were the team of the night. In case you missed it and Tivoed…click away from the post.


One thought on “NASCAR Day 2008

  1. I was really impressed by Hornish, over all. He had to start at the back of all four segments in the All-Star race and finished seventh. Do you think he will be able to transfer this new found skill to points racing?

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