The Monster Mile

I am so ready for the weekend to get.  Work has SUCKED this week! 

The boys are at Dover International Speedway this week aka “The Monster Mile”.  I love short track racing.  Dover is a 1-mile track with 24 degrees of banking and you know with 43 cars, 43 egos, and several drivers hungry for their first win of the season or their first in awhile, this is going to be an interesting race. 

The drivers should have a little bit of handle on the car since the COT was raced at the track last.  However, this is the first race where the new rule regarding the “yaw” will be instituted.  It will be interesting to see what teams that have had the cars all “crabbed out” will do.  Some teams had their cars more crabbed than others.  

Of course the biggest story this weekend, is the debut of 18-year old, Joey Lagano, who some claim is the next best thing to come along since well, sliced bread. Joey will be driving the #20 Nationwide series car which has been a roll this year in the Nationwide Series.  So I will be watching this weekend to see if he is the next best thing since sliced bread.  With the introduction of Joey into the Nationwide Series this weekend, it probably won’t be long before we see him the Cup series.  If this kids has the chops to be the next Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart, I would like to see him run in the Nationwide series for a couple of years before moving to the Cup level.  This way he would get seat time and experience as well as a chance to build a fan base that he could bring up to the Cup level.  With the introduction of Joey this weekend, does this mean he is the “heir apparent” to Smoke if he decides to leave JGR either at the end of the season (which has been denied all over the place) or at the end of 2009?  Only time will tell.

Speaking of Smoke, tomorrow is June 1 and all of us Stewart fans know this is the time of the season that he gets hot.  This isn’t the first time Tony has gone winless in the first 4 months of the season.  In fact he has done it 7 times in his 10 years in the series.  Of course he hasn’t won since, Watkins Glen last year and after last week’s heartbreak, I look for Tony to be more hungry than ever.  I hope this is the week Tony gets his first win of the season.

Few other notes from this week…

  • Elliott Sadler resigned a multi-year deal with Gillette-Evernham Motorsports. 
  • Television ratings are up for NASCAR as a result of…I really don’t know, but all I know is there has been some good racing this year and perhaps this is the result of it or it could just be the price of gas is keeping everyone at home.
  • Fox will finish up their broadcast coverage this weekend.  TNT will take over for the next several weeks with ESPN taking over at The Brickyard on July 27.  Of the three networks, I like Fox and ESPN.  I am not a fan of TNT’s coverage, but I will survive.  I mean TNT only has 6 races.
  • Dale Earnhardt is still winless.  I wonder how many times will this fact be mentioned this weekend. 

And one more thing…

The Prelude to the Dream will be this coming Wednesday, June 4 at Tony Stewart owned Eldora Speedway. Don’t forget to place your order for the pay-per-view event over on HBO. I watched last year and I loved it. It was pretty cool to see all these NASCAR drivers as well as few others from other racing leagues take to the dirt for such a worthy cause. Tony is hoping to raise money for the second Victory Junction Gang camp which will be located in Kansas City, KN. It was interesting to see Juan Pablo Montoya race on dirt for the first time. And if anyone has doubt about Jeff Gordon’s ability should have seen him on the dirt. I for one will be tuning in this year.

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