Just a few notes…

Just a few little tidbits from yesterday…

1.  Rain delay

2.  Carl Edwards has pole

4.  The Big Whiner…oops Denny Hamlin won.

5.  Joey Lagano qualified 8th and finishes 6th.  Way to Joey.  This guy my be the real thing, but the jury is still out on if he is the best thing to come along since sliced bread.

2 thoughts on “Just a few notes…

  1. I’m still not sure Hamlin’s as much of a “whiner” as many folks are making him out to be. He made the same statements that have been getting shoved down our throats by guys like Mark Martin for years now, but when Hamlin says it, everyone takes it as a spilled milk incident.

    I can think of a dozen different ways that Hamlin could’ve responded to Keselowski on the track, and they all end with Brad being pinned up against the fence.

    Tim Z

  2. I see you point, but it came off bad. Tony has complained and yes even whined about things I am not ashamed to admit that. Of course, I am not the one driving the car on the track so I don’t know everything that happened on the track. And you are right, it’s one of those cases where no matter what or how something is said it was Brad getting pinned up against the fence.

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