Don’t Go To The Concession Stand

That’s right folks!  You don’t want to go to the concession stand because you might miss something.  That is what could be said of today’s race.  

The race wasn’t even in it’s 20 lap and BAM…it was a gigantic meet and greet coming out of Turn 2.  From what I could tell of the numerous replays Fox showed over and over, Sadler came down while passing the #40 and was clipped by the #38.  Next thing we all know, Elliott decided to make his own demolition derby.  Tony had no where to go but into the side of the #19 car along with several other cars.  I know it looked like Denny didn’t slow down, but to be honest going at those speeds that car probably couldn’t get whoaed up in time.  Of course, I saw other cars running around Denny able to whoa up, but I wasn’t driving his car.  For me the race was pretty much a wash.  Tony did come back into the race about a 100 or so laps down, but none the less back on the track.   Tony finished 41st and fell three spots in the standings to 11th.  Oh in case we are keeping score this year, this is the 2nd time Sadler has been involved in a crash that has taken out Stewart. On a lighter note the hood on Sadler’s car was pretty much intact for him.  He was planning to auction off the hood to his car from today’s race to raise money for autism.  

The race for me was pretty much a snoozefest and it wasn’t because Tony was just driving around the track, I really thought it was a snoozefest.  In fact I did take a nap some time during the race.  The race was pretty much dominated by three different drivers–Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, and Kyle Busch not necessarily in that order with several green flag runs.  Congratulations to Kyle Busch for his 4th win of the season.  Carl finished 2nd with Carl’s teammate finishing 3rd after having voltage issues.

In case anyone wasn’t aware Dale Jr. has gone 74 races without a win.  Of course this statistic didn’t escape the Fox broadcast.  This little tidbit was flashed on the screen at 1:41 pm Central Daylight Savings Time.

One last thing..

Little Smoke was busy playing in the house today because it was way too hot for him to be outside (it reached over the century mark today).  He decided to build a race car using some interesting items sitting around the house.  Please notice the “paint scheme”.  He is such a wonderful little boy who is very creative and will tell you that Tony Stewart is his favorite driver…just ask.  Apologies to my dad who just happends to be a Junior, but there will be no Junior fan in this household. He was so excited when Fox was interviewing Tony before the race.  He stopped what he was doing to watch.   Looks like this #20 faired better today.


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