I have been thinking a lot lately about why I am a NASCAR fan.  People who don’t follow NASCAR just don’t understand what all the hubbub is about.  Why would someone want to watch cars go around and around for hours?  There are times I wonder that myself (i.e. Dover this past weekend).  But let me tell you something about NASCAR fans. 

We are some of the most passionate people around.  We will endure heat and humidity, you know the kind, the kind that just wears on as the day goes on, just to watch a race.  We will endure a several hour rain and/or snow delay just to see the race.  We will even endure a 3 day rain delay to watch a race.  We tailgate for days not just hours.  We drive hundreds of miles to see a race despite the increase in ticket prices, food & beverage, and yes even gasoline.  This NASCAR fan has been known to reschedule family events around a NASCAR race.  And I am sure there are those out there who have had weddings, births, and I would hate to say it funerals rescheduled due to a NASCAR race.  We proudly wear the colors of our favorite driver even though orange really isn’t a good color on you.  We endure long lines with other NASCAR fanatics just to get a glimpse of your favorite driver and/or have your picture taken with him.  This NASCAR fan has stood on her feet for hourson a several race weekends just hanging around in the pits just to watch the cars come in and off the track.  All the time standing in solidarity with other NASCAR fans.  We scream at the top of your lungs cheering on our favorite driver from the stands as he drives by even though he probably can’t hear us over the sound of the engines roaring by.  And we even boo at times for that driver we love to hate.  We defend ourselves to those who stereotype us as a fan group and we even cry when we lose our heroes because we feel we have lost a part of our family.  We are love our country, love our family, and our fellow NASCAR fans.  We may cheer for different drivers, but we are all part of the NASCAR family.  And  I am proud to stand up and say…


3 thoughts on “A NASCAR Fan

  1. I stand with you too. And don’t worry I always have some kind of snack, aspirin, gum and sunblock in my backpack. Along with an extra scanner headset for my new family member.

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