The Weekend That Wasn’t

I mentioned on Friday that last week I wasn’t too inspired to post about anything, well, I am still sitting here on Monday, a year older, still uninspired.  The weekend had it’s ups and downs.  The things that I wanted to happen in the my little reality didn’t so with that here are the highlights.

1.  Congratulations to Eric Darnell for edging out Johnny Benson by .005 seconds to win the truck race on Saturday.  There were some extra curricular discussion between Kyle Busch, Ron Hornaday, and Kevin Harvick regarding Kyle Busch’s spinning out Ron H. on the final lap of the race.  Never a dull moment with Kyle Busch.

2.  It only took him three races to do it, but Joey Lagano became the youngest driver to win in the Nationwide Series at 18 years and 21 days.  Let’s see what was I doing at that age…not winning in a racing series and earning lots of cash.  I was earning cash, but not all that much.  Let’s see that 2 poles and 1 win.  Kyle had a chance to make the race interesting, but he just lost it and crashed his car.  Congrats Joey!

3.  And of course I musn’t forget to mention the Cup race yesterday.  I didn’t watch too much of the race however.  I know that probably shocks some of you, but yesterday was Postman’s first Father’s Day and of course, my birthday.  So we went to have lunch and do some shopping.  I guess a little family time is more important than any NASCAR race.  I did however catch the last 90 laps or so.  It came down to a fuel mileage race.  I don’t really like fuel mileage races because a lot of times my driver seems to be on the short end of the stick with these.  Congratulations Junior.  You did it.  You won.  It wasn’t what I was hoping for yesterday  since it was my birthday, but it is kind of ironic however.  You would have to know me personally to get the irony of the situation.  Now, maybe we could move on and focus our attention to other things.  I wonder what the media will do this week since they won’t have to remind all of us that Junior hasn’t won.  It looked like Sam Hornish was going to have a good day, but he spun out in the closing laps and finished 22nd.  Tony finished 5th which is good compared to the last few races.  He didn’t win on my birthday, but I will take a 5th place finish any time.  Next week however is a road race and well Tony kicks butt on road courses.  I know there were other things that happened during the race, but I didn’t get to watch as much as I wanted to give a deifinitive recap.

If you love sports as I do, this weekend was a great weekend for sport lovers.  I have already mentioned the racing, but we also had the US Open and the NBA finals.  I am not really into golf.  I usually watch the majors when they are on, but otherwise it doesn’t consume my life.  This weekend was the first tournament Tiger Woods would play in since coming of knee surgery back in April.  Of course this was Tiger and we all know how Tiger plays when there is a major and he didn’t disappoint this weekend.  Tiger came into Sunday with a one stroke lead and by the end of the day he was tied with Rocco Mediate.  Even with a bum knee Tiger is Tiger.  That was a great putt on the 19th yesterday to tie the match.  Today they will have an 18-hole playoff.  I would love for Rocco to pull off the win, but this is what Tiger does.  I may flip over on ESPN 360 later this morning and watch. 

After the US Open, I flipped over to watch a little of the NBA playoffs.  I really don’t have a dog in the fight with this one since the Dallas Mavericks were knocked back in the first round.  However, I want the Celtics to win.  I remember back in the day the classic Lakers and Celtics battles.  I don’t think this one is quite at that caliber, but it has been interesting to watch.  The Lakers have pushed to a game 6 back in Boston on Tuesday with their 103-98 win last night.  Go Celtics!

And finally a couple of non-NASCAR related items…

I would like to say I was saddened to hear about the death of Tim Russert.  I didn’t always watch Meet the Press, in fact I rarely watched it.  But I liked Tim Russert.  He was always challenging the politicians to answer the tough questions.  He was asking the questions we as Americans wanted to ask these politicos.  He will missed.  Rest in Peace Mr. Russert.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Army Wives you are missing out on a great show.  I know some of you might not care to watch a show from Lifetime, but this is an excellent and well written show worth an hour of your time. 

I had a good birthday.  I got to spend it with Postman and Little Smoke.  I am planning on having my birthday festivities with my buddies either this weekend or the following weekend since one group of friends and their kids were on an Alaskan cruise. 

Have a great week!


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