Gettin’ the Mojo

The last couple of weeks I haven’t been too inspired about posting.  I couldn’t decide what it was that has caused this funk, but that is going to change.  Just like Kyle Busch who has decided to focus on the Cup championship, I too am going to put my energy on the big picture.  So with that being said, I have put the Bon Jovi on and I am ready to get over this funk.  Bon Jovi usually brings me back from whence I was residing. 

The last several weeks has not been kind to Tony.  Last week he posted a top 5, but for this fan I want more for my driver.  I want to see him in the winner’s circle again.  I think that is the real reason I am in the funk that I am.  I mentioned last week that Tony is still in contention for the championship.  It was very scary how the 2008 season and the 2005 season looked similar in nature, so I did some more research and found the following.

In 2005 after finishing 2nd at the first Michigan and sitting 6th in the standings, Tony won the next week at Sonoma and Daytona.  By the time he was finished he had rattled off 2 more wins, New Hampshire and Indianapolis (his first win at the famous Brickyard).  He was also sitting in the top spot going into the Chase that year.  And in case you lived in a cave or were without cable tv, radio, internet and cell phone or just plain stuck on a deserted island, Tony won the championship that year.  One side note to that year, Kyle Busch was a rookie.

Here we are in 2008, right now Tony is sitting in 11th spot 439 points behind teammate Kyle Busch.  He finished 5th last week at Michigan.  So if everything falls into place, like it should or would hope it would, Where are they racing the next three weeks?  Let’s turn the page and see….Sonoma, New Hampshire, and Daytona.  And least we forget Indianapolis, which is July 27.  I know Chicago is squeezed in there as well.  What was his finish at Chicago in 2005?  He finihsed 5th.  So, if Tony follows the pattern, he will rattle off 4 wins over the next several weeks. 

I went back to look at 2002 when Tony his first championship and I found some interesting stats as well.  He didn’t rattle of 4 wins like in did in 2005 after Michigan, but he did have one win at Watkins Glen.  If the Chase format had been in place back in 2002, he would be sitting 5th going into the Chase races behind leader…wait for it…Sterling Marlin.  One other fact, that was Jimmie Johnson’s rookie year and where was Jimmie sitting after Richmond…3rd.  Some things never change I guess with Jimmie.  He was even contending back then.

With all this informaiton one would tend to believe Tony will be hoisting that trophy at the end of the season, but 2008 will be a bit tougher for Tony.  Now drivers receive 10 bonus points for winning a race.  Tony would have received 50 points for his wins that year if they bouns points had been in effect that year.  Tony also has to contend with the COT this year–something that he didn’t have to bother with in 2005 or 2002.  He is currently sitting in 11th spot which is further down in the standings than he was at the same time in 2005 or 2002. 

So what is with all this statiscal stuff?  I guess I am trying to bring all the MOJO back to Mr. Stewart.  Perhaps I am trying to feed all the positive vibes to the #20 Home Depot Toyota.  I am only going to think happy thoughts and try to be one with the #20 this weekend. 

Good luck Tony!!!!

3 thoughts on “Gettin’ the Mojo

  1. Your not the only one that got into a posting funk. A few other NASCAR blogs I read have had the same problem, but I will admit the last couple races were not too exciting so that might have something to do with it.

  2. I have no doubt Stewart will begin winning now. Except for some bad luck involving cut tires at the end of the race, bad tactical choices by other drivers, he would have more than likely won three races already this season. The 20 team is still very capable of winning, and Sears Point is a great place to start.

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