Still on Vacation

On Friday, I posted that I will be on vacation this week.  I really don’t intend on going anywhere special.  I am just going to sit at home and take it easy.  I will probably watch lots of movies or sit out on my patio and catching up on some reading.  I have a small blow up pool that I might even take advantage of, but other than that I am not on any real time table.  I will probably take one day to organize some things in the household, but this week is about ME!  Sometimes you just have to stop and reenergize yourself.  I hope this is what this week will be about for me.  I will have 8 hours of uninterrupted time…no Postman or LIttle Smoke.  I know that may sound bad, but sometimes you have to take time for yourself.   I haven’t had a chance to do that lately.  So, here’s to my vacation…may it provide me the much needed relaxation and rest so I can get back my mojo.

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