Need a Pit Crew!

That’s right I needed a pit crew this evening.  More to the point…a tire changer.  As Postman was trying to remove the lug nuts from our SUV, I was saying out loud, “Where in the hell is the Home Depot pit crew when you need them?”  I swear I believe the lug nuts were put on the car with super glue, but Postman eventually got them loose.

 Once loose I was able to jack up the car.  Well, at least that’s what that contraption was called.  It was able to lift the car off the ground enough to remove the flat tire and place the new one back on the car.  Let’s just say, this tire change was not under 15 seconds.

I don’t know what caused the tire to go flat.  It was probably some random mystery debris I ran over on the way home from work last Friday.  Or perhaps it was that Jeff Gordon fan I passed and trapped in traffic.  Maybe she threw some random piece of debris out of her window.  This SUV was weaving in out of traffic and cutting people off including me.  When she finally chose the “right line” she managed to get behind a very slow car.  I just had to laugh.  I managed to find the faster lane and well…I was ahead of her and well she was behind me…as it should be.  I know it’s kind of odd that I would do that, but damn the next you cut me off in traffic don’t try to take me out with you.

The boys are off to Indy this week.  I am think I am getting back my mojo.  If any track can get Tony back to Victory Lane it’s Indy.

2 thoughts on “Need a Pit Crew!

  1. if memory serves me … was that the same tire Jazz “fixed” for your class video ????

    just a thought !!!!

    Actually it was on the same side of the car, but it was the front tire instead of the back tire. Well, at least we had some laughs that day. If Jazz had been in town I might have called him, after all he DOES have experience “changing” a tire on my car.

  2. I’m finally turning positive and am looking forward with some anticipation towards the #14 team’s rapid rise to success. I just have to get this litany out of my head that keeps repeating “Smoke never qualifies well, go or go home.”

    I’m sure things will work out. Smoke is a winner, and he will make that a winning team no matter how long it takes.

    I just hope I can last that long.

    Meanwhile, three in a row at the Brickyard sounds great.

    Dang it…I forgot that Tony isn’t one of the best qualifiers, but maybe with these cars probably not in the top 35 at the end of the season, he will step it up. Plus he does have that champions provisional, but I hope he doesn’t have to use them. I would love to see him Kissin’ the Bricks!

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