Glen, Olympics and more

The Glen

  • Pit strategy hurt came back to bite Dale Earnhardt Jr.  It looked like he would have a good finish, but the yellow flag killed his day.   He finished 22nd.  This dropped him two spots in the points.
  • Ryan Newman’s car spun and couldn’t get refired.  Kudos to Sam Hornish for helping out a teammate even thought it looked like it was going to cost him a spot in the top 35.   But luckily he is still in the top 35.
  • Marcos Ambrose had an excellent weekend.  He takes the win in the Nationwide race on Saturday and finishes 3rd after starting 43rd.  How ’bout that Aussie!
  • Jeff Gordon finishes 29th–AT THE GLEN!  And there was no wreck invovled.  I am goign to assume Steve and the boys couldn’t get the car dialed in for Jeff.  This happened the year Jeff didn’t make the Chase.  Robbie and the boys were having trouble getting his car dialed in and we see what happened there.  I am sure I am not the only who has red flag warnings out for all to see.  In 2005 when Jeff didn’t make the Chase, he finished 14th at The Glen.
  • Tony had a good day.  This is second race in a row where he finished 2nd.  I truly thought he was going to win on Sunday.  I wanted him to win.  I know I am not the only Smoke fan who wanted him to win.  I don’t know if he had the car to get passed Kyle.  I am sure if he had it would have been a different story on Sunday.  But it’s one of those things where Tony may be looking at the bigger picture.  He is currently sitting in 7th place.
  • Kyle won his 8th race of the season and will have 80 bonus points going into the Chase.  Unless the wheels fall off the #18 team, Kyle may end up with the Championship.  But as you can’t count on anything NASCAR.  All it takes sometimes is someone to get hot and the other to get cold.  It ain’t over until the last checkered flag is waved at Homestead. 
  • When you think of the “big one” you think Talladega, but Sunday there was a big one at The Glen.  I still cringe every time I see the replay of Bobby Labonte hitting David Gilliland.  It was a big mess.  I am glad the drivers were able to walk away.  I haven’t seen anything about Bobby to see if he had any further injuries or if any.  It was one big cluster fuck (excuse my language).

The Olympics

  • I love watching the Olympic Games.  I am enthralled by the whole spectacle.  I prefer the winter games over teh summer ones, but I will still watch.  I find myself watchign events that I have never watched before (i.e. handball).  I do that during the winter.  I find curling a fascinating sport.  I root for athletes not only from the US, but others countries as well.  I guess it’s that Olympic spirit thing going on. 
  • If you didn’t catch the 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Final the other night, you missed an awesome race! I found myself whooping and hollering as if I was right there watching.  I am probably not the only one who was cheering those boys.  I have to say Michael Phelps is one finely chiseled speciman of an athlete.  If you dont’ believe, take a gander at the photo below.

  • Michael now has 3 gold medals for his quest for 8 golds in a single Olympic game.  He will go for two more tonight.  Go Michael!
  • I love the Visa commercials with the voiceover done by Morgan Freeman.  I always tear up at this one (warning this was videoed from someone’s tv, however it still makes me tear up)
  • I am tired of people throwing me under the bus.
  • I want to change careers.
  • I want to move to another city
  • I want one of my friends to know that I am here for her and that I don’t keep track of things.  
  • Little Smoke starts kindergarten two weeks from yesterday.  Cool thing though…the school district we are in supplies all school supplies except a box of kleenex and a nap mat.  I am so disappointed.  I was sooooo looking forward to buying school supplies.  I guess I will have to feed my habit in another manner.

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