I didn’t watch much of the race yesterday.  I have to get the homestead ready for our caseworker’s walk through on Tuesday.  She is prepping us for our certification/licensing review that is upon us.  This is something as foster/legal risk to adopt parents have to go through.  I did have the race on in two rooms–our bedroom and the livng room.  I would occassionally look up from time to time in between moving things from our bedroom to the office as well as tryign to get a 5-year to clean his room.  Let’s just say, I think hearding cats would have been much easier for me yesterday. 

In this whole cleaning process, I had to crate up my Tony Stewart shrine and move it to the office.  I know…I should be allowed to have some kind of mourning period today, but I will perseveer thorough the trauma.  Look at it this way, it will allow me to make room for all the NEW Tony Stewart items I will be purchasing in the near future.

Congratulations to Carl Edwards for not only his win yesterday, but for the weekend sweep at Michigan.  He really did have the car to beat yesterday.  I don’t know if Kyle could have caught him.  He definitely had a car that could have, but catchign Carl and passing Carl were two different things entirely.  Kyle Busch finished 2nd and clinched the number one seed for The Chase yesterday however.  In fact the top 5 in the standings didn’t change positions from the previous week.  It looks like those five are solidly in the Chase, but with NASCAR things aren’t settled until that checkered flag flies.  There were a few in 6-12 position that took big hits yesterday–Jeff Gordon (from 6th to 9th), Kasey Kahne (from 8th to 11th) and Denny Hamlin (from 9th to 12th).  Clint Bowyer is still out of the top 12 sitting tied for 13th with David Ragan.  I have to say I am impressed wtih David Ragan.  He is giving everything he has to get into the Top 12.  Yesterday increased his chances to getting that 12th spot.  He finisheed 3rd.  Both he and Clint are only 26 points out of the 12th and final spot.  For those on teams on the bubble now is the time to step it up and just race balls to wall.  There are only 3 races left until the Chase.   

I know Tony still has won a race this year and I am handling as best as I can about not seeing the #20 Home Depot in Victory Lane. If Tony is going to make a push for his 3rd championship he is going to have to get across the finish line in first place.  That’s just the way it is this year.  With the way both Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards have been running this year, you are going to have put together a string of wins to beat these guys.  That’s the bottom line…

Now…I was a little stunned when I heard of the cheating incidents over at JGR with the #18 and #20 in the Nationwide Series.  Of all teams in the garage, JGR and cheating just doesn’t like something they do.  It was discovered that shims (1/4 inch magnet) were placed under the gas-pedal stop. What does this mean? In essence, shims were used to keep the gas pedal from being fully depressed, thus limiting the engines’ output thus affecting the results when going through the dyno. Penalties will probably be assessed on Tuesday.

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