Sprucin’ Up The Park

I can’t believe I am pretty much caught up at work. That’s not the shocking part though. The fact that I am caught up this time of year is amazing. I work for a major university in Texas and the fall semester starts Monday. Next week will be VERY BUSY! With that said I was able to squeeze in some time this afternoon to spruce up THe Park.

I am still trying to figure out some things with WordPress. I was very comfortable with making changes when I was over at Blogger. Several weeks ago I change my header from the #20 orange looking banner to the new #14 red in preparation of Tony’s change from JGR to SHR. It was just was pretty much a rush job. I wanted to make some changes. I really the layout of my current template, but I am not happy with the white background. I know there are limitations with the template and that is why I may bite the bullet and make the switch to wordpress.org. This way I can have my site hosted on one of those host sites and have a little bit more freedom with The Park. But until I make the decision I will just have to deal with what I have right now. And so, that’s why the new banner.

The Park is predominately dominated by NASCAR, but I am passionate about a few other things as well and I wanted those to be represented too. So as you can see the “new and improved” banner pays homage to Tony Stewart, the Dallas Cowboys, and most of my Texas Tech Red Raiders.

One thought on “Sprucin’ Up The Park

  1. The header looks good either way…I’m a little bit of a football girl myself, cept I like the Indianapolis Colts. If you need any help on the site, let me know, I have a few sites I have tweaked up the layout of to make it the way I want it.

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