This post is going to be Bristol style–short and fast.

  • Congrats to Carl–might be the only driver to catch Kyle
  • Carl “bump and run”–not as good as Jeff G or Dale Sr., but very effective
  • Kyle vs Carl–something NASCAR has needed, definitely a rivalry forming
  • I bet #88 will remember to wait to pass other cars until he gets to the start/finish line this week
  • Casey Mears to RCR in the 07 for 09.  Clint to the 33
  • Tony finished 8th
  • Joey officially going to be in the #20 in ’09
That’s about it for Bristol.  Sorry for the short post.  We had lots of things happening here today.  Little Smoke started his first day of Kindergarten and he had a rough day of it.  But tomorrow is another day…
Have a great week!

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