Got Ark?

I think I saw Noah heading into Home Depot this evening.  It kind of looked like him, I mean people were following him two by two. Raiderland has received, at the time of this post, about 6.5-7.5 inches of rain and we are expecting several more inches over the next few days.  In fact Little Smoke’s school district will be closed tomorrow due to all this rain we have received today. I used to always wonder how in the world land locked areas flood, well now I know.  Hopefully Noah has some room because if these remnants of Tropical Storm Lowell keeps hanging around I may have to get on board.

UPDATE:  Still haven’t seen Noah sitting out in front of my house, but I do not have to go to work due to the waters.  Classes were cancelled and only essential personnel are to report.  As much as I would lovvvvveeeee to be considered essential, I am not.  WOO HOO RAIN DAY, not exciting as a SNOW DAY, but hey I get to have a day off.

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