That wasn’t a football game I watched last night between my beloved Red Raiders and those Sooners from Oklahoma. I don’t know what went terribly wrong. I know what I saw was NOT the Red Raiders from the previous games of the last several weeks. I think the OU Defense rattled our cages so much we couldn’t recover. There were a few little flickers of the Red Raiders that have been playing this season, but for majority of the game the Sooners kicked our Red Raider asses–plain and simple. We are still having a great season despite last night’s gams. We in Red Raider nation will be cheering on those Cowboys from Oklahoma State next weekend. For if the Cowboys can beat those Sooners, we will be tied with Texas for the Big 12 South standings. We of course would win the Big 12 south because we did beat Texas (still one of the best TTU games I have seen this season). And thus head to the Big 12 championship title game against Missouri. You cannot count out the Cowboys. The game is in Stillwater and OSU plays tough against their in-state rival OU.

Even though it was very painful to watch the game last night, I am still proud of my Red Raiders. We are still 10-1 this morning and enjoying one of the best seasons in a very long time. There is still football to be played next Saturday against Baylor in the last home game of the season. Plus there is still a lot of football to be played out there. Stand proud Red Raider nation!

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