2008 Trixies

trixie-trophy2It’s that time of the year here in The Park.  It has been a long year for all the drivers, crew, and to be honest us fans.  Just like last year, this year was very competitive and there has been much debate for several of the awards. I tried to get a comedian and some entertainment, but just like everyone else the economy has hit The Park and well you guys are on your own for the entertainment portion of the show.  So get out those fire up the grills and get those adult beverages of choice on ice so you can sit back in your lawn chair and enjoy this year’s Trixies.

  1. ” Feels Like The First Time”–Ryan Newman–Congratulations to Mr. Newman and Roger Penske for capturing their 1st Daytona 500.
  2. “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas”–Carl Edwards–I guess he should have checked that oil reservoir cover before he won the race.
  3. “Rupunzel, Rupunzel, Let Down Your Hair”–Tony Stewart–the reason why Tony let his grow long is still a mystery and for showing some “courage” to have his back waxed to raise money, this was not a good year for Tony’s hair
  4. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”–Michael McDowell–If you didn’t see this crash during qualifying at Texas, then you must have living in some cave out in the middle of nowhere with no television, radio, satellite, or internet.  I am still cringe every time I see the crash and even more amazed he walked away.
  5. “Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine”–Denny Hamlin–There were others who were deserving of this award, but Denny whined his way to this award.  Denny voiced his concern about Brad K. driving him hard during a Nationwide race.  
  6. “A Long Way To Go & A Short Time To Get There”–Kyle Busch–Kyle’s attempt for the trifecta by racing in three races in three different locations in one weekend.  He wasn’t very successful, but only Kyle would be that crazy to attempt this feat. 
  7. “Hold All Your Cards, We Have a BINGO”–Dale Earnhardt Jr.–finally he won a race after, what, two years?  It was getting old week after week hearing how many races he had gone without a win.
  8. “Everything That Bounces Off Me, Ends Up…Well Out Of The Race”–Elliot Sadler–I swear every time you turned around Elliott was spinning or crashing into Tony.  I know 20 comes after 19, but it was getting to where I cringed every time I saw 19 near 20.
  9. “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”–Tony Stewart–Tony’s announcement to leave JGR after 10 years to form SHR with driver Ryan Newman.  Sometimes the breakup is hardest on the ones we love
  10. “Karma’s a Bitch Baby”–Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Carl Edwards–I couldn’t just give this award to one driver.  Both Dale and Carl got their just desserts with Kyle B. and his “tactical” driving skills
  11. “If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Tryin”–JGR Nationwide Teams–Magnets were found under the gas pedal in the cars for the Nationwide Series.  This was the first year Chad Knaus was not given the award.  I guess some times a blind squirrel finds a nut.
  12. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”-Kevin Harvick/Carl Edwards–I swear you would have thought this incident was something that happens between classes in your local junior high.  I mean, leaving a wimpy note for Kevin on the plane and then scuffling in front of everyone in the garage.  I have seen more action watching paint dry.
  13. “Are My Ears Bleeding Yet?”–Rusty Wallace–I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give out this award, but damn enough already.  I know Rusty may be knowledgeable about NASCAR, but on-air personality he ain’t..well in this race fan’s opinion.
  14. “And When We Get Behind Closed Doors”–NASCAR–Officials were tired of drivers voicing their concerns about the COT and basically told the drivers to shut up and drive.  Whatever dudes…
  15. “Here a Tire, There a Tire, Everywhere a Tire”–Goodyear Tire Company–The Brickyard disaster.  You have tons of engineers/designers at your disposal you couldn’t come up with a better tire for one of the biggest races of the year.  It was one of the worst races all year.  Thanks a lot Goodyear—not!
  16. “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”–Mother Nature–I can’t believe how many rain delays we had this year, what was it 9…10…I guess Mother Nature is a Jimmie Johnson fan.
  17. “Thanks for the Memories”–Dale Jarrett-thanks for all the wonderful memories you brought to all of us NASCAR fans.

That’s quite a list of award winners this year.  There were a lot of close races in each category, but I felt this were the most deserving this year.  Sorry for the delay, but with dealing all the downsizing, lack of money, and overall sponsorship I have had to do all of thi

s all on my own.  But now for the moment you have been waiting for…who is the winner of the 2008 Trixie?  This was a long arduous process with several nights full of tears, shouting matches, hair pulling..wait who am I kidding..there was only one person who deserved this award…drum roll please…



That’s right, Tony Stewart.  Some of you may think I am a little biased when it comes to the winner and I would have to say, “yes I am”, but looking back over 2008, he has been all over the place.  From his criticism of Goodyear, his efforts for Victory Junction with Prelude to a Dream, to forming Stewart Haas Racing, he seemed to be everywhere this year.  He joins previous winners Dale Junior (2007) and Robby Gordon (2006) in this elite group.  Of course I would have preferred the award of 2008 Sprint Cup Champion, but don’t fret Smoke fans, Tony will be back in 2009 and better than ever.

Nominees in each category were submitted and final voting was counted by The Count over at Sesame Street and certified by the accounting firm of McQueen, Hudson, & Mater.  All decisions are final and the results were not known by the winners until today.

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