Racing-Las Vegas Style

Note–I was going to post this on Tuesday, but came down with food poisoning and didn’t get back to it until today.

I love racing at Vegas.  I know some of you out there may not, but for some particular reason I like the racing.  What I don’t like is all the Vegas references the announcers use to try and be funny.  It’s gets quite annoying at times, but besides that I enjoyed the race.  I was a little concerned for my fantasy teams.  I made some last minute additions/substractions hoping for a great day.  Can we say, and I hate to use the cheesy Vegas reference, but I crapped out.   That’s right folks, I had a Matt Kenseth kind of a day.  I started out great in the first two races and blew up 7 laps into the damn thing.  Oh well, the only saving grace…this was the second week in a row I picked the winner of the race over at On Pit Row’s One and Done Fantasy Game.  Thank you Kyle!!!  I almost made the change becuase Postman saw the Toyotas were having engine issues.  But I stayed with my pick.  This was Vegas and this was Kyle Busch.

I felt bad for Matt yesterday.  He was coming into Vegas riding on a two race win streak and looking to make history by winning th efirst three races, but the racing gods had other ideas.  We were just seven laps in and BLAM…Matt’s engine blew.  Of course Matt would not be alone in the engine blowing department, two other Roushketeers also had engine issues–Ragan and Carl.  Then what happened to Mark Martin–that’s two races in a row Mark has gone to the garage for engine issues.  Tney interviewed him after the race and of course Mark was gracious and said thank you to his crew, yadda, yadda, yadda.  You and I both know Mark would not throw people under the bus, but I would have loved to seen Mark just lose a gasket yesterday.  I would have loved for him to say, “Damn, I came back to drive full time and all I can get is this piece of s***(oligatory bleep) COT.  I know Mark is a passionate driver, but sometimes I just wish he would show it a little more.

I really don’t know what happened to Tony.  All I know is he finished 26th.  Not a good day for Mr. Stewart.

I have to say when Kyle Busch first came into NASCAR, I did not like him at all.  The level of dislike for Kyle was along the lines of my dislike for Jimmie (which subsequently has died down somewhat) and Junior (yes, I said it and I don’t care if Junior Nation knows it…I am not the only one out there).  But over the last few years I have become a Kyle Busch fan.  In my opinion, I think he is the shot in the arm NASCAR has needed for quite some time.  He is brash, bold, and not afraid to speak his mind.  He knows he is good and he is always a threat on race day.  It’s the kind of driver I like and that’s probably why I have gravitated towards being a fan.  He can sometimes step right into it, but he isn’t afraid to step into it.  That’s what makes him interesting to watch.  He kind of reminds me of someone.  I think there are others like me out there.  And to top it off, he can back everything up with his racing.  Last year Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were the two drivers to watch.  The question at the beginning of last season was which driver made the better move or had better success with their new team.  Of course I don’t have to answer that question, but it was Kyle Busch.  Sure he floundered during the Chase, but Junior didn’t exaxtly tear it up either in the Chase.  I am looking forward to see how Kyle does this year.  I think he learned some valuable lessons from last year’s Chase and I don’t expect him to make the same mistakes again. 

The boys are headed on to the ATL this weekend.  I need to start looking at my fantasy teams and think about my picks.  Hopefully I can make a recovery after last weekend.  I am leaning towards Carl Edwards for the One and Done league, but I will decide once we have qualifying. 

Have a great week!

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