Chicken Dance Protest

I have to admit when I heard this story I had to make sure today wasn’t April 1, but it’s that stupid it’s so real. 

On Sunday before the big race at Talladega, NASCAR fans will attempt to set the world record for the biggest chicken dance.  

Apparently PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked Guinness World Records to ignore this attempt on Sunday.  Why?  It’s sponsor.  You guessed it Kentucky Fried Chicken.  If you haven’t followed the battle PETA has had a contemptuous relationship with KFC over the years.   

I understand a person’s right to protest for their cause and/or beliefs, but come on now.  Has any of the PETA members been to a NASCAR race?  Do they understand this fan base?  I mean, just look around any tailgate area at a NASCAR race.  I mean those aren’t bushels of carrots and broccoli out there on those grills.  I mean the last time I went to a NASCAR event, one of the vendors was selling pork butt on a stick.

So if you are hanging out at Talladega on Sunday, dust off those dancing shoes and do the chicken dance!

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