David Poole

david-pooleDavid Poole, co host of Sirius Morning Drive and writer for the Charlotte Obeservor passed away suddenly today. He was 50.

As a NASCAR fan, I respected his insight on the sport of NASCAR. There were times that I didn’t necessarily again with his opinions, but I respected him for them. I would hope he would Just I would think he would have respected mine if I ever got a chance to meet him. It saddens me to think I was just listening to him this morning on The Morning Drive as I made my way to work.

The NASCAR community has a lost a friend today. He will be missed by those who he knew both in and out of NASCAR. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as the grieve the loss of this wonderful person. It will be a sad day tomorrow morning as I tune into the Morning Drive and not be able to hear David and Mike banter with not only each other, but with all of us NASCAR fans.

God Bless You David.

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