Pit Crew Challange & NASCAR Day

PCC_664I have to say I love the Pit Crew Challenge.  It’s great to watch these guys do what they do best and last didn’t disappoint.  I was very proud of the #14 team reachign the semi-finals.   I so much wanted them to win last night, but a couple of  penalties cost them.  It was a tough break for these guys, but you have to these things happened on pit raod they could cost tony the lead and/or penalty.    It was cool to see the wives and girlfriends fo the drivers get into the pit crew challenge.  Fro example, Kim Burton steering the #31 car for the competition.  I mean this women is there at the track atop the pit box every week supporting her husband.  I don’t know if I have ever seen a more passionate spouse.  The same could be said for Delana Harvick.  It was kind of cute to see Kevin standing at the a sort of pit box watching his wife and crew memebers compete.  But in the end, it was the #31 team who smoked the competition.  They were up against the underdog team of the night the #43 team of Reed Sorenson.  As I told my husband last night, it was the “Battle of the Richards”.  I wanted both of those teams to win, but unfortunately you can only have winner.  CONGRATULATIONS #31 TEAM!!!

Today is the 6th annual NASCAR day…do you have your NASCAR gear on as well as your NASCAR day pin?  I do.  But I don’t need a special day to wear my NASCAR attire, but as with any special observation, you make a special effort to let people know how you are passionate about NASCAR.  Of course NASCAR day isn’t all about declaring your passion for NASCAR, it is a time to make a difference for the NASCAR charities.  There are several driver foundations that you can contribute to these days.  You can also look at all the charities Speedway Charities helps out.  You can make a difference.  Even buying a $5 NASCAR Day pin is making a contribution.  Yes it may be only $5, but what if 100, 000 people bought just one pin that is $50, 000 that could help make a difference in someone’s life.  I bought three pins this year…one for myself, Postman and Little Smoke.  I would love to give more this year, but things are a little tough for this NASCAR fan, but I just wanted to show my support for NASCAR and it’s charities.

2 thoughts on “Pit Crew Challange & NASCAR Day

  1. I have my pin on…I bought two this year! I love NASCAR Day 🙂

    I too was glad to see Tony’s guys make it so far! YEY team!

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