Million Dollar Man!

smoke.330I had a post pretty much planned out for the All-Star Race Weekend, but that was all thrown out the window after the last 10 laps.  And yes that was me and the rest of us Stewart fans yelling and cheering as our man took the checkered flag tonight!!


We all knew it was just a matter of time before Mr. Stewart finished first.  That was a great pass by Tony to take the lead from Matt Kenseth.  It looked like Kyle Busch was going to be a factor in the last 10 laps and he was until he went three wide with Jeff on one side and  Newman on the other.  But there was that #14 lurking right behind them.  When Tony Stewart decided to leave Joe Gibbs Racing after 10 years with the team and start his own racing team, people were wondering what was he thinking.  I for one was unsure how this year would go.  All I knew was that Tony was going to be successful with this new team.  I felt bad for Newman because he had Kyle in his sights, but when you try to go three wide with Kyle Busch you better be prepared for some beatin’ and bangin’.  But Tony took them all to school and showed them how to do things.  Wow…what a birthday present! (Tony’s birthday is May 20).

All I have to say is…watch out boys that’s the #14 in your rear view mirror and that was the #14 passing you.

One thought on “Million Dollar Man!

  1. I was going to focus my All-Star post on Tony’s pass on Logano until…I had much more to write about! YEY!!! I am still stoked about his win…and its two days later!

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