First Day of School

Little Smoke started his first day as a first grader.  I was so glad to see summer come to an end.  Little Smoke had quite a busy summer with all those field trips as his day care plus going through all those growing pains.  We had a couple of rough patches, but he is doing just fine.  Some of it I think is that he is a very smart boy and he gets bored.  I am very proud of him today.  We have struggled with him listening to his teachers, but when he was told to put away his shark necklace by his teacher today he did the first time.  There was no argument.  He said yes ma’am and put it away.  That is such a breakthrough with him.  I hope this continues.  He also had his first flag football practice today as well.  I am hoping he will enjoy football much more than he did t-ball.    I think he will since Postman is the coach.  I mean he is a Texas boy and isn’t it some kind of state law all boys play football?  He is growing so fast, but he is getting more handsome everyday.  He looks like he is ready to head off to boot camp with his buzz cut, but I like his hair cut.  All I know is this little boy we adopted last November has been worth every tear I have cried since he came into my life.

I love my Little Smoke.

Alex First Day.First Grade 2009



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