Sqare peg…round hole

That’s what it feels like it times.  I am the square peg trying to get through that round hole.  Not matter how much I try it doesn’t seem to fit.  It was a rough day at work.  No matter what I did today someone somewhere was mad, angry, and not taking responsibility for their choices.  I am trying to teach Little Smoke about taking responsibility for his bad choices.  This is a difficult thing to teach a 6 year old, but I am doing my best.  In my line of work I see those who blame others for their bad decisions instead of taking responsibility.  It’s just very frustrating, but I carry on as I do…after all tomorrow is another day. 

I am very excited about tomorrow.  I get to see Jeff Dunham in concert tomorrow.  If you don’t know who Jeff Dunham is, you need to travel on over to You Tube and type in “Jeff Dunham”.  I guarantee you will laugh until it hurts.  Maybe that’s what I need to get over today’s hellish day of work.  It’s going to be a great concert!

I missed the Cup boys this past weekend, but I did catch the Nationwide race up in Montreal.  I felt so bad for Marcus.  On the last turn of the last lap…it just sucks.  But I have to applaud him for his professionalism as ESPN interviewed him after the race.  Yes, it was brief, but very professional.  I wonder how Kyle would have reacted if he was the one in Marcus’s situation.  I think we can all guess what would have happened.  Labor Day weekend is upon us my friends and that means racing under the lights on Sunday at Atlanta.  This is going to be interesting.   There is only Atlanta and Richmond until the final 12 are set for the last 10 races.  I really want to see Mark Martin in the Chase.  It would just suck if he wasn’t there.  I am pretty ambivalent about Kyle. 

Congrats to Brad K. for signing with Penske and the #12 team.  I think he will have success over there with the #12 team.  He has proven he can drive with the big boys.  I am sure Mr. Hendrick will still be keeping his eyes on the young man.  It wouldn’t surprise me if in a few years that Brad returns to drive for HMS.

Don’t forget all you Tony Stewart fans, the Prelude to the Dream is scheduled to run next Wednesday, September 9.  It was originally scheduled for June, but due to Mother Nature it was postponed until next Wednesday.  So head on over to your pay per view channels and order your Prelude.

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