I have given a few of my opinions here in The Park mostly on NASCAR.  I have tried over The Park’s brief existence to keep my political beliefs and viewpoints away from The Park because that is not what this place is about.  I am very passionate about my beliefs and those around me know where I stand, but I just have to say something with regards to President Obama’s speech today.

I remember a time, as they say, back in the day, where I watched with my fellow classmates the inaguaration of President Reagan.  I remember crowded around the audio visual cart that had the tv bolted to it with my fellow classmates (I was in the 5th grade back in 1981).  It wasn’t a big screen television set, in fact I believe they had problems getting the reception to come in clearly, but there I sat in my classroom witnessing history in the making.  History that will be studied by fellow students who would come after me.  It was a big deal to this impresonable 5ht grader.  It was exciting.   So maybe I was more excited about the fact that I didn’t have to do geography that morning, but it was still exciting nonetheless.  My son will not be able to experience that excitement today.  I know he may be only 6 years old, but he needs to know how important today is for our country.  I now have a son who lives in a world that has an African-American president.  I guess I am a little naive about some things in this whole political arena, but whether I agree or disagree with President Obama, he is our president.  I respect the Office of the President.  I am sure some of you will disagree with me and that’s fine.  That’s what makes this country great, we have the right to agree and disagree with each other.  I will be watching the speech on my computer today because I think it is important.  I even printed a copy of the President’s speech and I don’t understand what all the hubbub is about.  It’s basically saying school is tough, but if you stick with it you can be successful.  It’s about saying to students you need to be responsible for your learning as well.  That’s all I want to teach  my son.  He is responsible for his education along with his teachers and his mom and dad. I guess that’s just about it for my little political viewpoint. 

Have a wonderful day.

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