Mother Nature is a Major _______ (insert your own not such a nice word)

WHat’s up with Mother Nature this weekend?  Is she not getting enough sleep at night?  Does she feel the need to completly ruin the race weekend for NASCAR Nation?  What’s her beef?  Whatever it is…GET OVER YOURSELF MOTHER NATURE!!!

Now both races are to be held tomorrow…MONDAY!  Does she realize that most of NASCAR Nation has to be at work, including this race fan!  I have to sit and listen to the race via instead of watching the race in my recliner on my big screen TV.  This BITES!!  Tony is on the pole and I will miss seeing him bringing the field to the green flag . 

I all have to say is Mother Nature…you have messed with race fans long enough.  Move on to some other sport, like baseball!

Note…not only did Mother Nature mess with my racing, her wrath affected other parts of the Metroplex too.  Thus causing some completly idiot driver to cause a wreck which involved one of my very bestest friends.  Mother Nature, you are lucky, she is doing alright, but you have messed with enough Texans this weekend.  I am done with you.  I guess you have never heard of the saying, “Don’t Mess With Texas!”.  Sending out my best wishes to Ms. Hader!

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