America’s Future?

I am the first to admit that I not up on the latest fashions or care to be. I usually buy clothes that I can wear over a period of several years and that will last. I have my slew of favorite t-shirts and jeans that I like to wear, but I also know that having a several outfits that are interchangeable are key to any good wardrobe inventory. As I am walking down to the Coke machine to get my favorite non-alcoholic beverage, I notice a young man wearing a t-shirt. Now I am all for wearing a t-shirt that carries a message or has a funny statement on it. I have one that says, “Annoying the World, One Person At a Time”. I love it and it pretty much describes my goal in life, but what kind of message was this guy trying to say with the following t-shirt?

Was he trying to let others know (specifically the female persuasion) one of his many talents?  Does he already know for a fact that he makes good babies?  I have to give the guy credit making such a bold statement about himself.  I would have to say it might be a great way to pick up some unsuspecting gal at the local honky-tonk.   Perhaps I should wear this one and let him know I how I feel about him.

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