Change Is Good

I have been neglecting The Park for the past several months.  I really wanted to focus more on NASCAR, but in order for me to do that, I need lots of spare time to search for things on the web, watch television, and pretty much involve myself in NASCAR.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still the rabid NASCAR fan, but lately some other things have taken priority in my life. 

When I began this little blog, it was a way to keep my mind occupied and well…to share my passion for NASCAR.  My friends and family tolerate me, but they just don’t get it.  I just tell them it is a NASCAR thing.  Through the past several years I have met quite a few NASCAR fans that are just as passionate as I am about the sport.  Even though I haven’t met them on a personal level, I feel a connection with them.  I consider NASCAR Nation a family and I am proud to be a member.  I guess there’s the rub.  I felt so much pressure to write about NASCAR all the time.  It got to where I didn’t want to write here in The Park.  So I decided to go back to its roots.  I would write about not only NASCAR, but other topics of interest or just randomness that invades my every day life.

I know it seems blogging has become sort of “old school”, but for me I like it.  Many people don’t know that I truly like to write.  I may not be as witty or creative as a friend of mine, Ms. H., but I think I have a pretty good sense of humor.  I can however get riled up just a like a pissed off rattlesnake, but that’s the best part of The Park.  I can pretty much post what I want here.  Sure, I may not have people commenting on my posts and you know what that’s ok.  So if you come across The Park and like what I have written..thanks for stopping by.  I hope I have brightened your day or made you stop and think about things.

I have also changed the look of The Park too.  I kind of like the theme that WordPress has offered.  Somethings when you get a makeover, you get new life.  So here’s to The Park…may she return to her old glory!

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