He’s here, he’s there..

I am not a huge fan of the NBA.  I occassionally watch the Dallas Mavericks becuase well..that’s my team.  But for the most part I would rather watch college basketball than NBA stuff.  The basketball to me is much more exciting and thrilling. 

In case you have been living under a rock, Lebron James who currently plays for the Cleveland Caviliers is a free agent.  This means he can resign with his current team or go elsewhere.  For over the past year all the sports stations have been trying to guess where Lebron is going to play next year and beyond.  Several cities have been courting him…NY, Chicago, Miami.  I guess everyone who follows the NBA has been waiting for this day to come.  Well, guess what NBA fans, your weight looks like it will be over.  Lebron will make his announcement on Thursday in a 1-hour Primetime special on ESPN.  Yep…a one hour special.

What the hell?

I am aware of the fact that LeBron James can play some ball.  I am not your average sports fan.  I know one of the best players in NBA.  But come one now…one hour.  It’s not like he is announcing he has found a cure for cancer or something that important.  All we are getting to hear is where he is going to play next year.  I know there are several NBA franchises who are waiting in the wings to hear this important news, but seriously folks.  Of course my opinion means nothing to most people out there. 

I feel like I have been on this ride before.  Back in 2007 Dale Jr. announced he was going to leave DEI.  It was all the talk of NASCAR.  What team will Dale Jr. drive for in his quest for a championship?  Speed TV carried his news conference I believe.  Either way it was the talk of NASCAR.  All of Junior Nation was in a state of flux.  I mean he is the son of Dale Earnhardt Sr, NASCAR’s most sacred hero.  For weeks NASCAR Nation debated what team he would end up.  When the announcement came, that he would drive for Hendrick Motor Sports it was not as much of a shock as I thought it was.  It didn’t surprise me in the least, but it left Junior nation torn.  For years HMS was the team Earnhardt Nation hated.  Now their driver was joining their ranks.  So I can understand all this speculation on where LeBron James is headed, but like I said with the whole Junior thing and now the LeBron thing…ENOUGH ALREADY!

Oh by the way…where Favre will play this year or not is still out there…let the speculation begin!

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