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Bump and Run

It’s been a crazy week.  I haven’t had time to even think about things or even stop long enough to take things in.  But I am still here plugging away as I always do.  So this post is basically a bump and run, so hang on folks.

  • What an ending today in Michigan, fuel mileage?  Who knew?  That’s three for Mr. Martin.  Who would have thought at the beginning of the season Mark would have three wins and Tony would be leading the standings?
  • Had an awesome fantasy racing day.  THANK YOU MARK MARTIN!
  • NBA and NHL champions have been decided congrats to the Lakers and Penguins.
  • Best wishes to Johnny Benson on a speedy recovery.
  • I turn 39 tomorrow.  That means the Big 40 is next year…yuck.
  • WTF—enough with the hail people.  Rain is fine…hail?  Hell no.
  • Recovered from last week’s vacation, by actually being productive at work.
  • Freshmen entering college this fall were born in 1990.  I already had two years of college under my belt.
  • Back problems suck.  No matter what you do sit, stand, walk, lay down I hurt.  Going to doctor this week maybe he will give me some good medications to ease this pain.
  • Dealing with foster parent stuff…may have some good news in the next few weeks, but you never can tell…more to come.
  • Signed up Little Smoke for flag football.   That’s right…I said football.  He is from Texas.  Enough said.

Celebrating my 39th birthday tomorrow on June 15.  I haven’t had time to really think about it.  Spent the day with Postman and Little Smoke who were trying to find me a birthday present.  I love my husband and my son.  They just know what to do to make my day special.  Sometimes it isn’t about the big production, it’s about the simple things.  Sometimes I forget about those things but today is just one of those days where you realize how the crap you go through isn’t worth worrying about.  Because in the end that’s just what it is…crap.

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I was able to catch most of the race on Sunday.  We got home from our little tour around Texas about 50 laps into the race.  I have to say I do like the double file restarts.  I don’t know if it made that big of a difference at the 2.5 mile track, but I can’t wait until the boys return to Bristol, Martinsville and Talladega.  I have never like the lapped cars sitting in the front of the lead lap cars especially when the leaders are sitting 3 or 4 rows back.  It can get quite confusing at times, plus the leaders don’t have to negotiate around cars that don’t have a snowball’s chance to be a factor in the race.   Plus the lapped cars can create more issues at the beginning of restarts.  But for now I like them.

Now on to the best part of the weekend.  Congratulations to Tony Stewart for getting his first win of the season (technically it’s his 2nd one), but as we all know it’s the points races that matter.  This is the first win by Stewart Haas Racing and I am sure this is not going to be the last.  I didn’t realize it until I read one of my favorite blogs, Tony won his first race at the 14th stop of this year’s season.  Coincidence…I think not.  Tony earned the pole by virtue of owner’s points due to the rainout of qualifying on Friday.  But his luck would be short lived when he crashed in practice and had to go to a backup car.  This meant instead of starting first, he would be delegated to the 43rd spot.  Of course it didn’t take long before Smoke was leading the race.  As it always seems to fall Pocono came down to a little gas mileage.  Kudos to Tony’s crew for taking advantage of the money stop and getting Tony out in front of Carl.  And here is where Tony and Darian rolled the dice.  I was holding my breath hoping and praying that Tony was saving enough gas to get him to the checkered flag.  It was sweet to see that #14 cross the finish line in first.  It was cool to see Tony’s dad get excited about his son’s victory and how touching to see him congratulate him in Victory Lane.   What a great early Father’s Day present.

Other notes from this past weekend

  • The boys on to Michigan.  If Junior doesn’t pull away with a victory it will mean he has gone a full year without a victory.  I guess all the broadcasters will be making note of this fact a little bit more.  Oh well…
  • I have been listening to the “talk” about Danica Patrick coming over to race in NASCAR.  I think she has the skill set, but I don’t if she can  take on all that is NASCAR.  I don’t know how the fans are over there in IRL, but here in NASCAR we can get a little passionate about a sport.  Time will tell. 
  • Kyle Busch smashing his guitar trophy after the Naitonwide race.  My opinion…it’s his trophy, he earned it and he can do what he likes.  I like Kyle Busch.  He has put a little spice back into NASCAR.
  • I guess TNT did okay on the broadcast.  I didn’t really pay attention all that much because after touring Texas for a week you have quite a few things to unpack and wash.
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On vacation still…this is coming from my new Dell laptop (Woo Hoo!!!). It’s red just like Tony’s car and I even have a red cordless mouse to go along with it.  I sent the Macbook to my mom’s house so she could have a computer.   Went to the zoo today with my mom, Postman and Little Smoke.  It was a blast.  It’s amazing to see a zoo through the eyes of a five year old.  The only bad part about the trip…THE FREAKIN’ HUMIDITY!  For the love of Pete, I took a shower this morning and yet it was like I had another one by the time we were through with the zoo. 

I had the race on once we got home from the zoo, but I was trying to transfer all my files from the old computer to the new one.  So it took some time to get things transferrred, but I have for the most part got everything transferred.  But I did watch the battle between Smoke and Jimmie.  I have to say that was some fun racing.  Now that’s the kind of racing I would love to see every week.  Of course Jimmie did just get passed Tony for the race win, but Tony leaves Dover with the points lead.  I am very proud of Tony at this point of the season.  He has in this race fan’s opinion brought Stewart Haas Racing to a whole never level.  I had to chuckle when Fox presented him with the trophy because he was the leader for their part of the season.  And what did Tony do with it…put his Coke bottle in it.  Classic Tony!  Tony was the only driver for Stewart Haas ending up in the top 10 this week.  Newman finished 8th and leaves Dover  5th in the standings and 173 points behind his boss. 

Dale Jr. finished 12th today.  Not bad for his first race without Tony Eury.  I don’t know if Mr. Hendrick had a come to Jesus talk with the whole #88 team, but if he did I think the #88 team is headed in the right dircetion.  I am not a fan of Dale Jr., but I hate to see any team struggle as he has struggled lately.  Only time will tell to see if the changes Mr. Hendrick has made will be effective.  Dale just needs to let the crew chief do his job while he does his.

Speaking of the points lead I am hoping I am still ahead in my fantasy league “One and Done”.  I had a points lead of 9 points (I believe if my Math was correct) and I picked Ryan Newman.  Ryan gave me a great finish today, but I won’t know things until later this week as to whether or not Ryan keep me atop the standings.

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24 Hours at Lowe’s

I was already to sit down and enjoy my Day O’ Racing on Sunday, but Mother Nature was not having any of that.   She decided to drop quite a bit of rain on Lowe’s on Sunday.  Of course I didn’t mind all that much the race was moved to Monday because I had the day off.  It always gets a little awkward when I have to make that “I’m sick and can’t come into work today” call.  So my Day O’ Racing turned into Days O’ Racing no big deal.  But once again Mother Nature intervened…ugh.  What was her deal this weekend?  

With all the delays and all the rain, the strategy for majority of the teams was pretty much otu the window.  How can you really get a good run going when you have windows of sun and some good racing and then have to stop and watch the rain fall.  The final stop of the day put several drivers up front by not going into pit.  At the time we had no idea if these calls would be gutsy or a mistake.  Many of the leaders chose to come into the pits while some chose to make that gamble.  But as with everything regarding this race it became a waiting game.

I always enjoy the broadcast coverage of rain delays.  It is sort of like a train wreck at times.  I mean they have to talk about something while waiting for the jet driers to dry the track.  Some of it can be quite boring and mundane at times, but others very funny.  I have to say when they showed Tony discussing with Reutiman about his racing I was kind of laughing at the whole incident.  I mean Tony went over to discuss something with Reutiman and it looked like they had everything settled when one of Reutiman’s crew came over to put his two cents in.  I chuckled when that crew member or “Billy Bad Butt” (as Tony put it) kneeled down and kissed the ground.  Very funny stuff.

I knew the last stop for rain was going to be the last one of the day.  The jet driers tried to get the track ready, but the rains kept coming and well no matter what NASCAR tried, Mother Nature was not going to cooperate.  So with that said, NASCAR called the race and declared David Reutiman the winner.  Some fans out there may think he stole a win, but isn’t part of racing putting yourself in position to win.  The leaders had the same opportunity to stay out especially knowing that more rain was probably going to come out.  Sometimes races are more about strategy and rolling the dice than racing.  You have to do what you need to do to win.  

I am not sad Reutiman won.  It was just a matter of time before he did win.  It’s good to see Michael Waltrip Racing come away with a win especially with how MWR started that first year.  He has come a long way from that weekend in Daytona.  It is difficult to begin a race team especially now with all the economic times and the super teams.  But MWR has slowly come into its own.  Congratulations to Ryan Newman for his 2nd place finish as well.  After the trouble on pit road with the lugnut issue it was good to see Newman in the Top 5.  Tony finished 19th. 

My pick for my fantasy league this race was Jimmie who finished 13th.  I am comfortable with that since I still have the lead, but I was hoping to extend the lead out instead I am holding on by 9 poitns I believe.  Dover is the last race of this segment of the my league.  I don’t have too many choices left, but I think I will pick Newman this week at Dover.  Newman has had 3 wins, 6 Top 5s, and 8 top 10s with an average race finish of 10.5.  I think it will be a safe pick.  All I need is a great finish and the person behind have a bad day.  But as with any race it all depends on a lot of factors.  I mean look at last year’s race at Dover.  Once mistake by the #19 and BAM…a lot of contenders gone.  I hope this does not happen this weekend. 

On a personal note, I will be heading out this weekend on a much needed vacation with Postman and Little Smoke.  We are taking a mini-tour of Texas via Waco and Wescalo and other parts unknown.  I will be away from my computer, but will have some access so I will be chekcing in from time to time.  But I won’t let my vacation keep me away from the racing, I mean come on now…priorities here.

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Rocketman and other items

  • First Tony gets the first win for Stewart Haas Racing last week, now Ryan wins the pole for the Coke 600 on Sunday. Woo Hoo!  
  • Tony qualified 28th for Sunday’s race.  I am not too concerned about Tony’s qualifying spot.  It’s a long race and a lot can happen during that time.  I mean he didn’t exactly start up front at the All-Star race and we all know how that turned out.
  • I see Jeff Gordon received treatment for his chronic back trouble.  I can understand how he must feel.  I have chronic back pains and I know how painful they can be.  Of course, I am sure last week’s crash during the All-Star race didn’t help his back.  It would not surprise me if he continues to have trouble with his back that he retires earlier than he anticipated.  Oh by the way he is starting third.
  • I have to say I am a little tired of all the Jeremy Mayfield situation.  I can’t put my finger on it, but something just doesn’t seem right with this situation.  Could Claritin D been the culprit?  If so, is this the reason NASCAR hasn’t come out and said anything?  I mean after all Claritin D is a sponsor for a major Cup team.  It’s just a thought.  Either way this is going to be interesting to see how NASCAR’s drug testing policies and procedures stand up to scrutiny.
  • And what was up with Jimmie’s new hairstyle?  I do have to say it does distract me from his beard.  It’s not too bad.  In fact he now has the same hairstyle as Little Smoke.

I am so ready for this weekend to get under way.  I mean I will be heading out to the store to pick up supplies for Day ‘O Racing.  I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  As you are going throughout your weekend enjoying all that food, beverage, sun and of course racing remember what this weekend is truly about.  Stop and take a moment to say “Thank You” to a soldier or a veteran.  For it wasn’t for all the brave men and women in the military, we would be able to enjoy the freedoms we have to day.  Thank you to my dad (Air Force), my father-in-law (Army), my uncles Cecil, Junior, Chris, Bill (Air Force, Marines), my cousin, Joe  (Navy) as well as Mike (Air Force) and Jack (Marines).  You served our country with pride and honor and I thank you.

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Million Dollar Man!

smoke.330I had a post pretty much planned out for the All-Star Race Weekend, but that was all thrown out the window after the last 10 laps.  And yes that was me and the rest of us Stewart fans yelling and cheering as our man took the checkered flag tonight!!


We all knew it was just a matter of time before Mr. Stewart finished first.  That was a great pass by Tony to take the lead from Matt Kenseth.  It looked like Kyle Busch was going to be a factor in the last 10 laps and he was until he went three wide with Jeff on one side and  Newman on the other.  But there was that #14 lurking right behind them.  When Tony Stewart decided to leave Joe Gibbs Racing after 10 years with the team and start his own racing team, people were wondering what was he thinking.  I for one was unsure how this year would go.  All I knew was that Tony was going to be successful with this new team.  I felt bad for Newman because he had Kyle in his sights, but when you try to go three wide with Kyle Busch you better be prepared for some beatin’ and bangin’.  But Tony took them all to school and showed them how to do things.  Wow…what a birthday present! (Tony’s birthday is May 20).

All I have to say is…watch out boys that’s the #14 in your rear view mirror and that was the #14 passing you.